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Total Pillow – An Introduction

Saturday, September 17th, 2016

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Suffering from sore shoulders, neck aches or lower back pain is a very uncomfortable thing to live with. Usually, these types of problems come from having an unnatural posture. For this, Total Pillow can be a lifesaver because it locks in place and offers support in many different ways.

Here are some ways how it works:

  • The total pillow shape can be twisted to become a headrest for cervical neck support.
  • It can become a pillow for the lumbar region to align your spine and to support your lumbar region. It is ideal if you are sitting for many hours working on the computer, for example.
  • It can become a back pillow that is perfect for supporting your shoulders.
  • You can use it as a floor pillow when you are lying on the floor.
  • You can twist it and create a u-shaped travel pillow, which is ideal for long-distance trips either by plane, train or car.
  • And there are many more ways it can work for you.

Its ergonomic design is flexible enough for many purposes and helps support the key problem areas that most often give people pain.  This is definitely a one of a kind pillow that is so versatile, you can twist it, bend it, and shape it to fit your needs. It is filled with special tension-easing micro beads and it is made of stretchable fabric for comfort. It has a super soft fleece surface for that cuddly and warm feeling and it can keep its shape all night long.


There are many other different pillows on the market today, but this one is far superior to all the rest. Traditional pillows do not hold a candle to its ingenious design. U-shaped pillows are very flimsy and they cannot be molded into different shapes, and full body pillows cannot be used at just the right place where you need support. Hands down, the Total Pillow is above the rest.

Get your free bonus:

If you buy Total Pillow now, you can also get the Total Compress Pack.  This is a cool extra feature. For a hot compress, you can microwave it or you can freeze it and use it as a cold compress. This compress has soft fleece cover and it fits perfectly inside the pillow. This is really a fabulous offer and if you’re not completely satisfied with the product, there is a 30-days money back guarantee no questions asked policy. You can simply send the items back and you can keep the compress pack as a gift to you just for trying it!

Total Pillow Review – Does It Really Work?

Saturday, September 3rd, 2016

image 5The Total Pillow is the most innovative health product today. It is a perfect companion from a simple floor pillow for those who want to play on the floor to the much needed therapy pillow for somebody who is recovering from an injury or after surgery recovery. The things that made this pillow different among the most commercialized pillows are its flexibility and versatility to bend, twist, adjust and reshape according to what purpose you need. It offers a 5-in-1 package plus a handy feature that attaches to your baggage so you can bring it anywhere you like.

Effects of using the wrong pillow

Studies show that a total lack of sleep (known as insomnia) can be attributed in many cases to something as simple as an incorrect pillow. These people are simply experiencing poor support, shoulder compression or even a dysfunction of the cervical spine (neck). Stress is also related to insomnia, but it can be relieved when the muscles are allowed to recover during sleep.

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Benefits of using a correct pillow

Using the right pillow is very important because it gives you the support you need. It props up the head, neck and shoulder thus keeping them in alignment while the body is lying in bed in a resting position. This way, it relieves pressure and counterbalances the key points of our body. As a total comforter, it also creates a feeling of relief and helps you get a good night sleep. If your pillow feels comfortable then you are likely to be relaxed and feel well-rested in the morning.

If a pillow is going to conform to the various popular sleep positions and offer the much needed therapeutic comfort, it must be adjustable so it can fit the exclusive curves of the user. It should be able to be reshaped to any needed shape so it can lessen pressure points.

Back or pelvic pain is often experienced by many women during pregnancy. As pregnancy advances, the pain generally increases. With this kind of pain, simple household chores can be hard to accomplish. It can even prevent women from going to work, and, of course, it disturbs sleep. A pillow that can bring relief for this type of pain is truly an ultimate back pillow. It helps to give you the right sitting position, which can eventually eliminate the suffering.

Over the past several decades, various pillows have been introduced into the market, each focusing on unique and special functions. Some of these pillows work well, some didn’t work so well and there were even some that actually made matters worse. Not all pillows work well for everyone, so the one that suits someone else may not be that effective for you.

Choosing the right pillow is very important in achieving a good night’s rest. The Total Pillow is the ultimate answer, and a lifesaver to anyone suffering from all the pains mentioned above. It can make your life comfortable and pain-free because of the support and comfort it brings.